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Project Description
A set of MSBuild tasks to quickly build WSS and MOSS compatible manifest.xml and solution (.wsp) packages from within Visual Studio.

The build tasks integrate with the MSBuild processes when creating assemblies in Visual Studio. Following the creation of an assembly these build tasks will run creating a manifest.xml, and a .WSP file for deployment of a solution to a MOSS or WSS farm. They integrate seamlessly with your existing project, and only some small project file and file location modifications need to be made. Once done you will be building WSP solutions without having to write a single line of code, or run tedious command lines!

How To Use
Take a look at the example project file in the source code, or take a look at the instructions here

When creating WSP solutions in WSS or MOSS 2007 you will no doubt have a number of dependent files such as ASPX pages, Features, ASCX Control Templates and more. The WSS / MOSS Build Tasks can create the manifest.xml and wsp file automatically during the build of a Visual Studio project to help speed up the entire development and deployment process.

By having a folder structure similar to the one below, you can use the build tasks to automate the WSP creation:


The folder names relate to the folder names found under the 12 hive on a server with WSS/MOSS installed, therefore they should make sense when trying to determine what files go where.

The build tasks can be included in an existing project that will compile an assembly used in your solution, along with containing the dependent ASPX, ASCX, Features, XML files and so on. An example of how to add the build task process into the actual assembly build is included in the project with the name ExampleUsage.proj

I will post more information on usage and examples over the next few days, in the meantime give them a go and let me know what you think or want!

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